Friday, April 27, 2007

Unliscensed Daycare Shut Down in Toronto. Same Story, Two Different Skews.

I was listening to the radio as I was getting ready for work this morning and a news story came on about an unliscensed daycare. Apparently the daycare has been temporarily shut down because an irate parent called the police after her child was injured. The newscaster made mention that other parents whose children atternded this facility defended the daycare as a loving, caring environment that they could not wait for their children to be allowed to attend again. The newscastor went on to say that the injured child may have been bitten by another child and that there is a shortage in liscensed daycared in Toronto and many parents are finding alternatives to help care for their children.

On my commute into work, I was listened to a different station reporting the same story with an entirely different spin. This newscastor told us that an unliscensed daycare in Toronto has been shut down. The newscastor went on to say that police discovered that the day care was unliscensed after responding to a call that a child atttending the facility suffered serious multiple injuries. There were almost 20 children in the care of only three adults.

It is bananas how a different point of view can so drasticlly skew the facts of an event. What is more crazy, though is how one person's point of view can influence other people's take on an event. When I heard the first story, I felt bad that the daycare was being shut down simply because of one unreasonable parent. I felt bad for all the other working parents who would be scrambling to make alternative arrangements for their kids and I felt sorry for the temporarily out of work workers at the daycare. When I heard the second story, I felt sorry for all of the horribly abused children.

I am not sure which story is more accurate. To be honest, I am not sure why I care...I don't even have kids!

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