Thursday, April 12, 2007

Professional Blogging With Blogsvertise

Blogging for me is that it is the perfect platform to combine two of my favourite hobbies: 1) writing and 2) offering my unsolicited opinions and advice to pretty much anyone I come in contact with! In fact, I love blogging so much I would do it for a living if I could figure out how! That is why, after searching the web, I decided to sign up for Blogsvertise, a company that sends me website products and services to review. Why not, right? Registration is free and Blogsvertise made it very clear that I can write my honest opinion; I don’t have to fake a positive review.

I am not planning on giving up my day job any time soon, I am not sure how lucrative my opinions will be, but at least I now have something constructive to do on my lunch hours.

Here is the link in case there are any other opinionated blogging addicts out there:

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