Thursday, April 19, 2007

Articles to Share. Feedback Appreciated

I completely forgot to write a blog entry yesterday. I did however write an article (on another site) about my decision to get a business degree. This is the third article I have written for that particular site and I will provide the links to all three in the hopes that you are interested in reading them.

Deciding if A Business Degree is Right for You – this article is about my decision (which floored everyone I knew) to get a business degree.

My Funniest Gardening Experience – this article is about my first and last gardening experience.

Smart Spending vs. Being a Cheapskate – this article includes five basic tips for telling the difference between the thrifty and the inexcusably cheap.

I would really appreciate any feedback so please come back here and leave comments! Oh, keep in mind that I do not have much control over the titles!

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