Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Bus Terminal Restaurant on the Danforth

This is where we ate breakfast after dropping our poor Stella at the vet. The decor has not been touched since the 70's. My bf thought it was great, I was not so keen. I ate the eggs florentine which was not good but I bet their french toast is amazing. I was going to order that but I felt fat that day. Not that eggs florentine is low fat or anything but at least it is loaded with protein and iron. The fried potatoes (potassium, right? Who cares about fat, I need my potassium!) were very good and the fresh fruit was a nice touch.

My giant breakfast

View from my seat

Original Menu.

Ceiling covered in record album covers

Disco Stu is in the building.

What, every restaurant doesn't have a giant Shrek-esque Dragon's head protruding from the wall?

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