Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Canada, Your Vacation Destination!

When I was in high school I worked my butt off at the local deli (and people ask why I am now a vegetarian), babysitting, telemarketing, and other odd jobs so that I could backpack Europe upon graduation. I saved as much of my earnings as I could and headed off less than a week after graduation.

I remember a few months into my trip, as I was sitting outside of a castle overlooking Prague, eating my lunch of Nutella sandwiches leftover from breakfast at the hostel, I thought to myself “Well this is kind of silly. I spent all this money and time checking out what Europe has to offer and I haven’t even seen Canada yet, my home country!”

So I caught one of those Toronto Flights home and (almost) immediately embarked upon my first of many holidays in Canada. I spent about six months traveling westward from Toronto. I went to Niagara, Calgary, Banff, and Vancouver just to name a few Canadian treasures. Actually Vancouver was my last stop because I managed to catch one of those super cheap Vancouver flights home.

I had so much fun on my European trip and I plan to one day to go back. Now, though, I am at an age where I want cushy hotels, day spas and rental cars instead of hostels, unisex washrooms and, well, aching feet.

Actually, so many Canadians travel to Europe on vacation, I think that Europeans should start taking advantage of all of those return Flights to Canada! There is so much to see and do here. The UK based website, http://www.dialaflight.com/ has lots of great ideas and helpful information about holidays in Canada. All of my European friends, look up this site and come visit me. And bring me some of that new white chocolate Nutella when you come. I have been dying to try it!

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