Sunday, August 19, 2007

Small Business on the Brain

Since I have small business on the brain right now, it seems like the perfect segue into an entry about a company called is a Nevada corporation that helps would be entrepreneurs set up LLC’s in any state. They are cheaper than their competition and their services are all encompassing. Not only can they help a small business owner set up his or her business, they will also help set up and maintain virtual offices.

I am a small business owner and I have a virtual office set up. It helps me look very professional and it is really inexpensive. For a surprisingly small monthly fee, I have a receptionist remotely answering phones in my company name and then forwarding those calls to my cell phone. I also have a prestigious mailing address and I access to offices and meeting rooms (I rent them hourly), and fax machines, etc. It is very cool and can make any business seem bigger than they are. is popular in many states, so if you are in the United States and interested in setting up a Nevada corporation or Texas Corporation or Arizona Corporation, or….well I think you get the idea, contact them and see if they can help.

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