Thursday, August 30, 2007

WalMart Does Not Do So Hot on Facebook

I thought I had reached my breaking point as far as facebook goes. Grade 8 reunions? Keeping in touch with someone I babysat when I was 12? Com on! Lately, I have been seriously considering following the path of my friend Joanne and just leaving Facebook all together. BUT then I read something today that made me happy.

Apparently WalMart attempted setting up a "back to college" page on Facebook and the masses spoke. Something like two or three hundred comments appeared, calling WalMart out for their their unfair labor and business policies and actions.

So, while my faith in Facebook is not entirely restored and I still don't want to be friends with creepy neighbour from that place I lived for three months about ten years ago, I am at least happy to see people being given a platform to stand up for issues they believe in.

Source: Facebook Users Protest Walmart

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