Wednesday, August 8, 2007

We Will Rock You!

My Boston terrier, Stella Bella, is feeling much better these days. All it took was four types of medication, about $800 in vet bills and two weeks time. I, on the other hand have a yucky head cold. Who, besides me would have a nasty cold in the middle of summer? Actually, now that I have asked it, I think I can answer that question. My boss, that's who. My boss gave me his horrible cold.

The bf and I were visiting my mom last night, borrowing stuff from her for our camping trip this weekend, and she asked me how I managed to get a summer cold. I told her my boss gave it to me and she replied "well, stop sleeping with your boss!" I, of course answered back "I knew the hazards before I took the job". We both had a good laugh at the absurdness but my bf did not get the humour. The look on his face made us laugh even harder. Poor guy!

Speaking of my bf, I bought us both tickets for the Musical "We Will Rock You". There was a Civic holiday special going on so I got both tickets for just $50 + taxes and fees. I knew my bf secretly wanted to see this musical, based on the music of Queen, and I could see he was pretty pleased when I presented him with the tickets. Of course all he said was "Sure, I'll go see that with you, if you want". Mr. Cool.

My bf thought the musical was great. I thought it was ridiculous and silly and thoroughly entertaining.

I seem to have some sort of understudy-inviting karma about me because whenever I go to musicals, at least one understudy ends up filling in. I thought I had ended my understudy streak with Chicago in Spokane, WA a few years back but then two understudies came out for the second half. We Will Rock You was no different. The role of Killer Queen was played by Kelly-Ann Evans instead of Alana Bridgewater. I thought Evans was a great fot for the role. She had such and amazing voice.

I think the $25 per seat special will be back for labour day weekend so, maybe we will go see it again with some friends.

Photo Courtesy of: I'm a Happy Little Vegemite

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