Sunday, August 19, 2007

I have been picking up a lot more writing assignments lately. Because I work full time and run Temple Treats, my small part time business, I don’t advertise my writing services. If I have a friend in need or a friend of a friend in need, however, I will write website text, blogs, marketing letters, advertising copy, newsletters, and everything else marketing communications related. Except now it seems like I am no longer just helping out friends and friends of friends. Friends of friends of friends are now hiring me! Instead of picking up one or two assignments per month, I am now picking up one or two per week. And just this week, I was asked to speak at conference of about 300 small business owners on the importance of Internet marketing communications.

I guess I am at the point now where I can no longer casually accept writing assignments for a nominal fee because, for example, a friend of my cousin’s is starting a pet shop and needs a website. It is time for me to register a business, and get formal. As a marketing communications expert that pretty much preaches the importance of the Internet as a corporate communication tool, perhaps I will even take my own advice and get a website and corporate blog going. Maybe send out some advertisements to small business owners and such.

Oh, and I accepted the speaking invitation, btw. It is not for a few months yet but I am already freaking out just a little!


Jenny Ryan said...

Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog to say hello

:) Jenny

Nanette said...

No problem! Cool blog.