Friday, August 10, 2007

Camping At Sibbald Point This Weekend

In just one hour and 45 minutes, the bf, dog and a couple of friends of ours will be on our way to Sibbald Point! We will be camping there for the weekend, our first camping trip this summer. Actually it is our Boston terrier, Stella's first camping trip ever! I am really excited for her, I think she is going to have such a great time. Of course I am a total mom. I packed doggie toys, doggie blanket, crate, herbal bug spray, herbal sun spray, spring water, organic food, and two leashes for her. I also updated her tag with both my boyfriend's cell numbers and mine.

There are two glorious dog areas at Sibbald Point. My boss took his family and German Sheppard puppy to Sibbald Point on a day trip a couple of weeks ago and they had a great time. The "doggie" beach was rockier than the "people" beach but they did not think it detracted from their experience at all.

It was my boss' dog's first time in the water, as it will be Stella's, and she (the boss's dog) had a ball. I will try to get a photo of her to post.

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