Friday, August 31, 2007

Let's Go To The Ex, OOh Baby!

My Boston Terrier pup, Stella Bella has her ear infection/rash back. The earliest I could get her an appointment for was Tuesday, the poor girl. The dog walker also noticed what may be a rash on her side, too. I will have to check when I get home. I think Stella picked up the rash when she was at the vet for her stomache issues.

Tomorrow I am going to the Jays game. I have decided to give them another chance despite their dismal and incredibly un-entertaining performance the last time I saw them. Then it is off to the EX, ooh baby! Hopefully I will not be too tired to go to the Lantern Festival at Ontario Place after that but since I will be working the farmers market at Withrow Park tomorrow, 8 AM, I have the feeling that the Lantern Festival might have to wait.

I tried to skip the Ex this year, really, becuase it is so expensive and I always end up eating food that is bad for me. I used to get stuck bringing home cheap toy prizes that I did not want, too but a couple of years ago I wised up and just started giving them to random kids before I left the Exhibition grounds. Most of the parents do not look too thrilled with me but, to be honest, that part pleases me the most. Despite my objections this year, all of the forces were against me and I am going to the Ex with the boyfriend and another couple. I am betting we will have a great, albeit fattening time!

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