Friday, August 24, 2007

My Boring yet Jam Packed Weekend

I am SO glad it is Friday! With that said, I have a very busy weekend in store. I am working the Toronto FC match on Saturday night, which is of course going on during the CNE. I worked the CNE last year in a different capacity and I was able to get my bf and younger brother in for free. My mom also worked the event so the four of us had such a great time after our shifts were over. I have the feeling I won’t be able to get anyone in for free this year. Sigh.

I have friends coming over tonight and one of them is bringing a dvd, I think it is called 13 Days. I have the BirchCliff Village Farmers Market tonight and the Withrow Park Farmers Market tomorrow. I am hoping to sell out on treats. Wouldn’t that be great? Anyway, other than a dentist appointment and the obligatory 3 hour weekend walks with Stella I think that about sums up my weekend plans. Gosh, for someone who does so much stuff, I sure lead a boring existence!

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