Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Wisetrade Blog

There is a new blog in town, one that I am looking forward to visiting often. It is a well-written stock market and securities blog called The Wizetrade Blog. I do not know a whole bunch about investing but I am learning. In the last couple of years I have started reading every personal finance book that I can get my hands on. All of them seemed to have at least two ideas in common:

1. Have a plan that includes realistic incremental goals
2. Invest in real estate (don't rent).

Well, I got myself a plan and, as part of it, got the real estate (as modest as it is). Now I am on to the next part of my plan. To invest as much and as wisely as I can. I have the feeling that The Wizetrade Blog may be able to help me with the "wisely" part of that last sentence. I have just finished reading a recent entry called 10 Common Mistakes that New Traders Make. I am looking forward to reading more helpful tips and hints like I found in this entry.

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