Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Toronto FC

As anyone that has been following my blog for a while knows, I have a part me job at an event staffing company here in Toronto. It is a poorly paying job but we all aware that I am not in it for the money. I am in it so that I can work cool events that I otherwise might not get into or *gasp* have to pay to get into. Also, sometimes I get to see movies before they are released in theatre. Last year I actually got to see, about a month in advance. the film that opened te Toronto film festival.

My latest assignment is working the Toronto FC matches. How cool is that? I have worked two of them so far and will probably be working another three. The last match I worked was this weekend (yes I worked the infamous game that featured a benched Beckham) and the next match I will be working is during the CNE.

As far as assignements go, this one is pretty darn cool. The Toronto FC fans are crazy! The matches are really high energy and believe it or not, the BMO field is really clean. Even the washrooms were in good shape half way through the game. A lot of the fans I have talked to are season seat holders and definitely plan to hold on to that status for next season. I hope they have already purchased though, I hear there is already a waitlist for that privelege.

I have the feeling that soccer mania is going to hit Toronto hard next season. Frankly, with Leaf ticket prices so high and the Blue Jays lukewarm performances, we need a new sports team to cheer.

For more info on the Toronto FC, click their logo.

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