Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sunday Night Live at the Diesel Playhouse

A few of us went to see Sunday Night Live at the Diesel Playhouse (formerly Second City, which has now moved to King Street) this past weekend. I think it is only $10 to get in, which is totally worth it although we managed to score free tickets.

Sunday Night Live performs all new material each and every Sunday and some of the sketches are really pretty funny. The funniest sketch for me was the news updates. One of the first news stories that the actors brought up was Michael Vick and I cringed and held my breath. Vick is a real sore spot for me because he is such a big giant ass but I actually stopped cringing and started laughing over their jokes about the story.

So, here are some notes from my experience at the Diesel Playhouse, Sunday Night Live:

1. Anand Rajaram was the host this weekend and all I can say is that that guy has really pick nipples. That is an image that will be burned in my memory for a while!

2. The bartender looks like a bad ass but is actually very friendly. And patient. And great at coming up with sweet, girly concoctions when I can't make up my mind because the bar does not stock Sloe Gin or Galliano.

3. As typical, the fat guy is the funniest cast member.

4. The Diesel Playhouse is also showing Evil Dead, the Live Musical. My friend saw it and loved it, and now I want to go.

5. There is a free Evil Dead photo machine in the bar area. You can take a million photos of your self and still will not find one good enough to post on your blog.

After the show, we tried to go to BuskerFest but it was too late and we missed it. Ah well, it was a pretty fun end to an otherwise busy weekend. This weekend, the long weekend, I hope to finally go see the Simpsons!


Anonymous said...

I have pick nipples? What? What does that mean? And what image is burned into your brain? What?

Nanette said...

ooh, sorry Anand, that was a typo. It should say pink nipples. You have very pink nipples!

I hope to see you performing again soon!

Anonymous said...

When did you see my nipples? Did I show my nipples at the show? I can't remember anything now. What? If you facebook me or email me I'll let you know when I am performing again. Me and my pinks.

Nanette said...

Did I see your nipples at the show, you ask? How many people did you show your nipples to before and/or after the show?... I won't judge, Anand. I hear that lot's of actors have eccentric warm up rituals before each performance.

Now had it been me that stripped down to my undies and stood on stage in front of a sizeable audience whilst playing the part of an underwear model, that is something I would remember for a very long time.

I am not sure what your email is so I will facebook you and your pinks.

Anonymous said...

That wasn't me! I was the photographer, cousin to the Raj character Pat Thornton played. It was two of the guys from the regular company who were in their undies. I haven't been onstage in nothing but undies before. I did a show with my conservatory class at Second City where I stripped down to nothing but an adult diaper and on the mainstage at Second City, almost Matt Baram's last night, I did a scene, one night only, where I came out wearing only a dance belt, but never never tighty-whiteys. Let the record show...
But, I do have pink nipples, so maybe all this fuss was for nothing.