Thursday, November 1, 2007

Diet Day 11: Halloween - The Day After

Okay, I did not do so great on the dinner part of Halloween. In my defense it was all due to circumstances beyond my control and both Stella and my brother had a great time trick-or treating!

I did stop on the way home and pick up a costume for Stella. She was supposed to dress up as Batman, which is perfect for her but the package must have been marked with the wrong size. It was marked as a small for dogs 10-15" long but she was swimming in it. So she simply donned the cape and cap and went as an adorable bat. Considering her pointy, bat-like ears it was not much of a stretch for her. She was perfectly content to walk around greeting trick-or-treaters in her little outfit, which was so cool! I will post some photos of her later.

My brother and his weird friend dressed as mobsters and performed skits for home owners. The skits earned them triple the candy at every house but, I will be honest, Stella was kind of embarrassed to be out with the only two trick-or-treaters in the beaches who insisted on holding mock knife fights on every single stranger's lawn that had lights on.

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