Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Trusted Tours And Attractions Free Contest

A lot of my entries on Nanette's Dog Blog are dedicated to one of my favourite hobbies - vacationing. Vacationing really is a passion of mine and I have never been on one that I haven't liked (knock on wood).

Because I am so travel crazy, I am always looking for travel deals, vacation discounts, tips, and travel advice. Well, today I think I have found a site that offers all of the above. In fact, whomever signs up for the Trusted Travel e-newsletter on this site, which (as the name implies) is chock full of valuable information on Trusted Tours and Attractions, will be entered into a contest. The prize is FOUR tickets to tours in a city to be determined by you, the winner! How cool would that be to win? Hmm, if I were to win, where would I pick? San Diego? I have already been there and LOVED it. There is not much that I didn't like about San Diego, I especially loved the zoo and wild animal park. Likely though, I would pick somewhere new. I think that Savannah is a popular choice among fans of the Trusted Tours and Attractions site so I think I would have to pick there.

Now, if you could go on a tour in any absolutely any city, where would you go?

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