Friday, November 9, 2007

Diet Day 19: Diets and FoodCourts Don't Mix

I was sooo on track yesterday. Good breakfst, snack, lunch.....then it was dinner time. I was meeting a friend at the Eaton's Centre and decided that it should not be too big of a problem for me to fiind a heatlhy, well rounded meal there. I was wrong.

The Marche's salads were looking a little grungy so I decided to try the Thai place (in the south side food court). I ordered the pad thai with tofu and vegetables. I thought that rice noodles should be okay, especially mixed with healthy fresh veggies. The whole meal probably would have been awesome except it was very heavy on the noodles and light on the veggies. And not a as much tofu as I had hoped. Basically I ate a bunch of very yummy carbs. I am not sure how healthy it was. Plus I probably ate way too much. Oh, and too late! I am suposed to eat dinner around 5pm and snack around 8pm. Instead I just ate Thai food at about 7:30pm. Then I wallked to the other end of the mall and had a blackcurrent flavoured bubble tea! Those things taste way too good to be good for you, I think.

My only saving grace for the evening was that I walked (briskly) to and from the Eaton's Centre, then walked around the Eaton's Centre and then took Stella for a nice fast paced walk as soon as I got home.

Well, I am allowed one cheat meal per week, right? right? sigh.

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