Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My Dog is a Bat

Here is a photo of my Stella Bella in her bat costume on Halloween. With her big giant ears, her bat outfit is not much of a stretch but oh how cute! Besides, it really was last minute.
Stella loved being out with the kids (her favourite kind of people) and the costume did not seem to phase her. She just sort of pranced around in her cape and cap and mingled with whomever she came across on the sidewalk. My family and I went trick or treating around the beaches area. I am betting that there are a lot more kids trick-or-treating there than arond the Harboufront where I live. They really seem to go all out in the beaches on Halloween. Houses done up with moving dragons and strobe lights, crazy haunted lawns...very cool. Unfortunately we had to cut the night short because Mark and I had company.
The leash is a reflective leash with a ghost and spiderweb pattern that my mother bought for her. I will probably continue using it on really dark nights. Especially after my near miss with that car on Monday night!

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