Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Diet Day 30: 30 Day Blues

I am having some serious doubts about this diet. I think I going to call up my cousin-in-law and show her my book with all of the menu plans. She is a nurse and an avid iron man and triathalon contestent. She seems very healthy.

I am just eating so much cheese on this diet. I am not a big fan to begin with and the daily dose of cheese (although it is low fat) is really starting to get on my nerves. I find that I skip a lot of meals just so I do not have to eat the cheese I prepared. I think it is time to rethink my plan.

I am also, starting tonight, going to hit the gym a lot more than I have been, Poor Stella will just have to do without me for another 45 minutes out of the day. She can torture the cat while I am torturing myself at the gym.

I am not giving up on this diet yet. I am simply going to have to rethink some parts that do not make sense to me. For instance, why is low fat cheese and cottage cheese listed as a protein but low fat milk is listed as a protein/fat? Same with yogurt. Why are soy burgers listed as a protein but ground soy and edamame listed as a protein/fat? Some of this stuff is just making me wonder if they simply moved cheese out of the protein/fat column and put it into the protein column because I am a vegetarian and it is difficult to come up with meals using the protein column.

Anyway, I can't believe 30 days have gone by already. It certainly does not feel like that long since I started it.

Oh, on the plus side, Stella and I met a friend at the mall last night (she was sleeping in her purse after a very fast paced walk there) and I once again had to face the challenge of the food court. This time I went to the North foodcourt in the Eaton's Centre and found the Soupman. I ordered a very delicious and filling salad that seemed to have a good ration of fat/carbs/protein. Very cool! My faith in the food court is restored.

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