Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Diet Day 38: The results are coming in

Okay so I have not quite entirely abondoned my book but I am not following it so religiously, there was just too much cheese and dumb things in it. That does not mean that I have relaxed on the requirements of my diet. I am still eating more helathy, eating smaller amounts, and excersizing more. The scale has started to reflect the changes in my eating habits and I have been getting a few comments here and there as well. This weekend the bf's mom gushed a little, so did my friend last night, and one of my coworkers made a comment as well. I can't help but wonder, though how warranted the positive feedback is. With the exception of the coworker who has no clue I am tryign to become more healthy, a lot of people know my plight and they might just be trying to be encouraging. I am not seeing any giant changes in the mirror.

On The Biggest Loser last week, Kae, my fave contestant was voted out. It totally sucks but since leaving the show, she has lost so much weight she is just 137lbs now and still going strong. Last night B was voted out which means that there is no red team anymore. Totally sucks bc the red team trianer is definitely my favourite trainer on the show. I guess I will find out next week what her fate is now that she has no one to train. I did not really get to watch the show this week, I had an appointment last night, but I did catch the weigh in.

I tried watching the Biggest Loser, Australian Edition but I could only stand it for about five minutes and had to turn it off. Maybe they will get a Canadian edition. Unfortunately, I could not become a contestant on the show because I would likely only weigh a third as much as the heaviest contestant. It would still be cool to see a Canadian version, though.

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