Monday, November 5, 2007

Diet Day 15: On Track!

Following this diet is an awful lot of work but I think I am getting the hang of it. I am on track with a breakfast of cereal, eggwhites and almonds, and then a morning snack of low fat yogurt and peanuts. I have lunch of mushroom-barley soup at the ready and my dinner will be the same as my lunch.

My bf is going on nights this month so it will make the whole matter much more stressful, I think. Also, I gave my car to my mother so now I am driving his baby. A car he has driven for about 6 years (never in winter) and not even gotten in one tiny fender bender with. Yep, stress...I feel like visiting Godiva just from thinking about the upcoming month.

The family thing still hasn't gone away so I am simply going to stop thinking about it entirely.

I have been putting more thought into the workout thing and I think I will start speedwalking with my Stella Bella. Too bad the cat hates being on leash!

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