Friday, November 30, 2007

Pay Day Loans For The Holiday Pinch?

So the holidays are fast approaching and I see everyone aroound me going overboard...okay I can probably be included in the "going overboard" category, with the exception that my extended family members will all be getting charitable contributions in their name this Christmas instead of gifts they probably don't want anyway.

Still, even with finances a little tight, there are just certain things that you can't, in good conscience, scrimp on. To begin with, the above mentioned charitable contributions. Also, the bf decided that we absolutley HAD to have a tree for our first Christmas in our new home so we went to the Canadian Tire and picked up one of the few ones left (big bucks!!). Also, we will be hosting the holiday dinner this year, I still need to get a few gifts, and we will be spending about a billion dollars on gas to visit friends and family.

As stressful as the holidays can be, especially in terms of budgeting and "financial unknowns", a lot of people turn to options like a payday loan. Although I have not done so yet, I know a few people who have used them once or twice and then I know people who use them a lot.

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