Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Diet Day 16: Keep on Keepin On

So I was running late and did not have time to prepare the recipe for dinner that was in the book. In a rush to class, I simply ate a half of a veggie and swiss sandwich on whole wheat. I just hope it is the proper proportion of carbs to fat to protein. Hmm...the sandwich was mostly vegetables so I probably had more carbs than fat or protein but whatever, I can't imagine me getting fat from having half of a sandwich for supper!

Today will be another good diet day, although I have company coming tonight so I may or may not have a glass of wine.

Last night as I was walking home from work, I was nearly hit by a car. it was dark and rainy out. I was walking across the street (I had waited for the walk signal) and a woman turning left did not see me and turned into my path. I tried to jump out of the way when I realized she did not see me and was going to hit me but she looked up and saw me at the last second and then slammed on her brakes and swerved in the same way I was moving! I jumped the other way and she narrowly missed me. VERY narrowly missed me. If I had freezed instead of moved, I would have been seriously injured. The poor lady driving screamed at the top of her lungs and when I looked down and realized I was still in one piece, I kept walking through the intersection. When I looked back, she still hadn't moved from the intersection, she was trying to calm down.

Walking the rest of the way back to the condo, I decided it was my fault that the lady almost hit me. I was not wearing the proper clothing. I did have a bright pink purse and book bag but I also had a black coat, pants and shoes. It was such bad weather I should not have walked until I was sure she saw me....I looked and saw her, for some reason, I thought she saw me too. Duh.

So I am either going to have to go out and get myself a new winter coat or I will have to put something reflective on my coat. The coat is a vibrant pink on the inside, too bad I could not just wear it inside out.

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