Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Diet Day23: Kink in the plans

I am in an awsome class all week that my employer sent me on to learn some really cool stuff. Unfortunately us classmates are in such close quarters and breaks are usually taken at our seats whilst in conversation. This is not condusive to sticking to my my strict, pre-planned diet. So while I may not be able to comfortably follow my preplanned diet, I can at least resolve to eat and be healthy. I had Thai food yesterday with some others. I stuck heavily to veggies, tried to get a proper amount of preteins, carbs and fats, and did not reach for seconds. Today I had a salad not doused in dressing.

BTW, I watched American Gangster this weekend. I don't usually like Denzel Washington but he was SO great in this movie. Also, I can't stand Russel Crowe, he always appears so grungy to me, but that dirty, grungy look really suited his caracter. I thought that some parts in the movie could have been emphasized or developed a little more but all in all, I enjoyed the movie a lot. I highly recommend it

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