Thursday, November 8, 2007

Diet Day 18: So...Hungry....

Yesterday was such a blur. I woke up late and (gasp) skipped breakfast to make it to work on time. So I ate my morning snack at 10am instead of 11am because I was so hungry. So I ate lunch at 12:40 instead of 1pm because I was still so hungry. So technically I probably should have eaten my dinner early, too and then called it an early night. Unfortunatley I had to leave work early and get to the post office before it closed, then run (literally) to my final exam for my night class, so I ended up skipping dinner entirely. I left my exam at 7:10pm which gave me 20 minutes to make it to a meeting with one of my clients. At 7:15, I found myself in front of a Subway restaurant so I ran in and ordered a salad. I was eating it, while rushing to meet the client when she called to cancel because she has that nasty flu that is going around. So I went home and prepared lunches, snacks and dinners for my bf and I for today. UGH.

On the bright side, my mother bought the most adorable sweater and coat for my Stella Bella from Talbots yesterday. I will try to get some photos tonight, she is adorable! I took her for a walk at about 11:30pm last night and she looked like she was toasty! That is the one thing that is great about the the boyfriend being on nights. Stella gets up to four walks per day and we can give our wallets a break from the dog walker.

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