Thursday, November 8, 2007

New York New York!

Even though I am within driving distance ( a very long driving distance) from New York City, I have never gone. I have always wanted to and whenever my boyfriend, friends and I try to figure out where to go on New Years (it is a tradition with us that we head out of town), I always suggest New York city. Every year I am inevitably vetoed. How unfair!

My bf does not really want us to go to New York on our mini holiday becase he pictures me going absolutley insane with shopping fever! He pictures me at Bloomingdales and Nieman-Marcus and Normstom's. He shudders with fear and then swiftly suggests Ottawa instead (where we have gone the last two years in a row).

Okay, so yes, I will not deny the shopping appeals, REALLY appeals to me but I really want to go to soak up the visit the Gugghenheim, Times Square, and the Empire state building. You know, all of the tourist-y stuff.

Well, I have the feeling that this year might be my year(if the whole property tax increase thing doesn't damage my wallet too bad). I just found out that there is a New York City CityPass. For like a fraction of what it would cost to get into all of the museums and tourist places that I want to go, I can buy a New York CityPass, get into all of these places and skip the line ups! How cool is that!? Plus Iget all of the insidr tips and info. It is only $65 to get into like a gazillion places, including the places I mentioned above and the museum of modern art....okay maybe I should leave out the MOMA part when I pitch this to my boyfriend!

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