Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Day 9 Update: ARGGGGHHHH!

Well, so much for my good diet day! One of the administrative girls here at work has not one, not two, but three...THREE bowls of Halloween treats at her desk. They have been here all week really but I was not even a little tempted until this afternoon when she dumped my favourite, super hard to find, molasses candies in there....grrr. Still, I have not strayed so far.

Oh, remember me mentioning that I have a client to meet tonight? Well she wants to meet over dinner. Now I am allowed one cheat per week but, after that whole nachos, cheese and beer fiasco at the Argo's game, I was not planning to use it this week.

Obviously, I will meet my client where she wants and I will simply have to do my best not to stray too far off the dieting track.

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Edie said...

I know! I'm in her office all the time!