Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Diet Day 10: Happy Halloween!

It is Halloween and for the first year of my existence I am doing pretty much nothing to celebrate it. And it is not the fault of the diet, Halloween just snuck up on me this year. Really, it just seemed to come out of nowhere! When did I get so old and boring?

I don't even have a costume for poor Stella Bella. Maybe I should stop on my way home and get one for her so that I can take her for a walk while all of the kids are out trick or treating. It is her first Halloween, afterall and she should get to be part of the fun! Regardless of whether I get the costume, I will definitely take her out to see what, if any, reaction she has to all of the little goblins and ghould running around.

My meeting went to late last night to catch all but the last two weigh-ins on Biggest Loser. If anyone knows how much weight the whiney girl from the red team who is now excersizing with the black team lost, please fill me in.

Oh and if you are wondering how badly I ended up cheating on my diet last night at dinner, I didn't. In fact, I did not end up eating dinner at all, which is also not good for the stupid diet. The whole premise of it is that I am supposed to be eating the proper things at the proper time. Ahh well, today is another day. A day filled with Apple sauce mixed in with cottage cheese and peaches. How wierd does that lunch sound?

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Johann The Dog said...

Keep it up, I know how hard diets are - Mum has me on one all the time! BOL! Woofs, Johann