Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Holiday Shopping Mode Begins Soon

Okay! As soon as my night classes are over, I am going into holiday shopping mode. The moment I have been waiting for all year is finally arriving! It is almost time to put my Coupon Codes into action - yay me!

Of course I am not going to let on exactly what I am buying my friends and family, on the off chance that they ever decide to read up on my blogging, but I can divulge where I plan to use my coupon codes to shop!

I am thinking Macy's for my mum. We were just over the border on a spending spree a couple of weeks ago and I believe that my mother now consider's Macy's to be the be all and end all of all shopping spots.

Also on the list is Sharper Image for the Boyfriend. I have no doubt that I will find what I am looking for there.

Of course for me, I think I will peruse Cooking.com....what? Like you don't buy yourself gifts?

I am not completely sure what I am getting Stella yet. I am still thinking on her gift; it has to be very special for my doggy's first Christmas.

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