Monday, October 29, 2007

Diet Day 8 - That's Right, I am skipping right over days 5,6 &7

Okay. I won't actually skip the last 3 days, I will give a brief synopsis: We actually pretty close to on track (with the exception of the wedding dinner and wine) on day 5, but Saturday was awful!!!! We went to an Argo's game and ate (gasp) nachos AND fries with cheese. Mark the meat eater ate a hot dog too. Oh yeah, I also drank three beer. I was pressured. That is my excuse. That and the Argos kicked ass!!!! Sunday, day 7 we were very active. We played basketball for a couple of hours and then we had an impromptu squash lesson. But we skipped our morning and evening snacks because we weren't really home to have them. Plus I felt too full to eat my whole lunch so we did not do so great there.

So today is day 8 and we are back on track. Plus I reorganized and made some allowed substitutions (for example, melon instead of strawberries) so our grocery bill was much more reasonable this week. Another plus is that Mark did the grocery shopping all by himself which is a first in our relationship. That was awesome!

We also went out and bought a scale. After much procrastination, I even got on the scale. Twice. The second time I opened my eyes and looked at the numbers. I did not like what I more nachos and cheese for me!

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