Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Florida Vacation Plans

So as anyone who has ever read about two of my blog entries knows, I am anxiously awaiting my holiday in Florida this February. I have never been and I am just soooo excited! With all luck, I am going to make it a road trip and the boyfriend and I can bring Stella Bella, our Boston terrier princess with us. The poor kitty, however, will have to stay with my mother and her two weirdo cats, but it is her own fault for hating roadtrips!

Anyway, despite the fact that I am anxiously anticipating my impending holiday, I am totally bummed to find out that I am going in the wrong month! Apparently, the time to be going to Florida is NOW! See the last Saturdays of both October and November are very special in Florida, specifically in St. Augustine, Florida. Especially if you are into antiquing at all. St. Marco Avenue, which is the antique district there, goes crazy celebrating these Events in St. Augustine. There are workshops and sales and parties and, my personal passion, books and author signings. I go crazy for that sort of thing!
I would consider changing my Florida vacationing plans but the thing is that the point of our vacation is supposed to be to visit Mark’s parents and, well, Mark’s parents aren’t even in Florida yet. They are still here in Toronto so I suppose that would make our change of vacation plans a little difficult to explain!

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