Friday, October 5, 2007

Paintball Wars, Season 2?

Things have been picking up at work lately and we are all ready for a break. In my office, though, our idea of a break is not a leisurely company picnic or dinner. Our philosophy at my work place is “work hard, play hard”.

I had the privilege of organizing our fall season company outing last autumn and, I say this without a hint of egotism, we all had an amazing time. I organized outdoor paintball wars. It went over really well with the high energy, extremely competitive nature of pretty much everyone here at work. Even our slightly older receptionist wanted in on the fun (although she backed out last minute).

So everyone is waiting with baited breath to find out if we are planning to make the autumn outdoor paintball wars an annual tradition. Some of the employees are already talking about buying their own paintball guns. They think that it will give them a leg up on the competition but as soon as one guy gets one, all of us will want a better one.

A great source for things like spyder paintball guns, paintball gear, and Smart Parts is Ultimate Paintball. There shipping is free and there prices are said to be awesome.

Hopefully I will get the go ahead to start planning our “Second Annual Paintball War” soon and I will get tons of pics to post on the blog this year.

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