Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Diet Day Two

Well, yesterday was the first day of my diet. While food preparation is a lot of work, I am actually enjoying it so far. See the food is pretty much the food I eat anyway with the exception that it is put in the proper proportion of protein/carbs/fat, so it is not a huge adjustment for me. My boyfriend on the other hand, is having difficulty.

I am a vegetarian and he is not but since he is following my diet (with multiplied proportions), he is now inadvertantly following the vegetarian ways. He did not think it would be that big of a deal because he always eats the vegetarian meals that I cook for him but whenever we go out or for food or whenever I am not around he eats meat. I have been telling him, and until now he has not believed that that adds up to a lot of meat.

Another reason he is having difficulty adjusting is that he typically had very unhealthy eating habits (so not fair since he is the fit one). He tends to go the whole day barely eating anything and then stuffing himself silly at dinner. On this diet, he is being forced to eat balanced meals starting with breakfast.

Now I will reveal the true reason I am enjoying this diet so much. Before we got the book and the shopping lists, my boyfriend did not help with the preparation of meals and his idea of helping with the grocery shopping consisted of him complaining about how much I spent while carrying the bags from the car. Now that we are on the diet together, we are shopping, preparing meals, and tidying up together. How awesome is that? Afterall, I work full time, run two businesses, and attend night school, not to mention the responsibility of my Stella, the world's cutest dog. It can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.

So day two conclusion: so good so far.

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