Thursday, October 25, 2007

Diet Day Four - Everything Gone Wrong.

Well last night did not go so well. I have to go to night class tonight right after work so that means that, not only did I have to make dinner, I had to prepare morning snack, lunch, dinner and evening snack so I could take it all with me today. I also had to prep all of the vegetables for Mark to make breakfast in the morning.

Dinner, a mushroom-barley casserole thing that ended up being soup was amazing. Diet or not, I would definitely eat that again (and again, and possibly even again). The recipe called for too much water, though (hence the soup) and ended up taking over an hour to make. That totally threw off our schedule so I was too hungry for it to fill me up by the time I finally ate.

Everything for today took forever to prepare and Mark could not help since our toilet went kaputz. He spent the entire night runnning back and forth to Canadian Tire and fixing the toilet. We were both so frustrated and tired by the end of the night. I was still cutting cheese at 10pm!

After such an exausting night, we had trouble getting up this morning and breakfast, even though I had chopped all of the cheese an vegetables in advance took a long time to cook. We had such a high vegetable-to-eggwhite ratio in our scrambled eggs that I decided it simply could not be right. And it wasn't. We have been purchasing the eggwhites in a carton and Mark had just assumed that 1tablespoon = one eggwhite, when in actuality, it is two tablepoons. Mark ended up being way late for work.

Obviously we are still working out the kinks in our diet.

Tomorrow is my cousin's wedding and, thank goodness we are allowed on one cheat meal per week because we will definitely need to temproarily abandon the diet at her reception. We plan to stick to it for the rest of the meals, though.

Hopefully we will be able to make everything run a lot more smoothly after this first week.

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