Friday, October 5, 2007

Dog recovering nicely and hopefully the cat is too

Well Stella seems to be recovering quite nicely from her surgery. I am still being cautious though so I have asked her lovely dog walker to give her a private and leisurely walk session today. Also, I am going to skip her weekly Saturday morning playtime at the park. Poor Stella Bella. First she undergoes surgery and now she isn't even allowed to play with the other dogs!

Hopefully, now that she is fixed, she will stop trying to hump the cat. Honestly, it is so odd. She's a girl, right, so why was she trying to hump the cat? It was the most embarrassing thing. I had a slew of guest over two weeks ago to watch the Simpson premier, which we were supposed to watch in the theatre room downstairs but the network wasn't connecting properly so we all had to cram into our tiny suite and watch it there, and right in front of everyone the dog mounted the cat and attempted to hump her. Boy was the cat pissed! Especially when everyone started laughing. That pissed the cat off even more. She bit Stella and stomped off.

Anyway, hopefully Stella will be back to her normal nonhumping self now that this whole ordeal is over.

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Johann The Dog said...

Don't know if getting fixed will help the hump problem. Didn't seem to help Gracie or me! BOL! Woofs, Johann