Monday, October 29, 2007

Holiday Shopping Online

So the Canadian dollar is expected to reach a record breaking high against the American dollar. Sucks for us really, but on the plus side, I am well prepared to do most of my Christmas shopping online and in American dollars (Thank you Paypal account!!!). For additional savings, I will of course be using for my online shopping

On our last trip to Buffalo, my mom saw a beautiful black dress with a crystal clasp at Macy's. For some unknown reason she did not buy it and has been reminiscing about it ever since.

My brother wants PlayStation 2 games, and a Nintendo Wii. Hmm, which of those two requests do you think will most likely be fulfilled by me? Maybe I should skip both those items on his list and just get him underwear and socks! Every ten year old wants underwear and socks, right? ;)

Actually, I have been looking at lately. I might be able to pick up a few stray items for friends there. They have some cool stuff at seemingly reasonable prices.

Decisions, Decisions. With only a couple of months left, I better start my online shopping now. Which of course means my family, with the exception of my brother, whom has given me about 12 revised copies, had better get a move on and send me their wishlists!

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