Wednesday, October 3, 2007

New Digital Camera on the Horizon?

I have decided it is time to get my own personal digital camera. Last year my boyfriend and I bought a Sony camera and we both love it. We should, we spent like three months researching digital cameras before finally deciding which one to purchase.

The problem is that the boyfriend and I have very different views on the use and care of our digital camera. I want the thing in my purse at all times so I can snap a million and three photos, mostly of my dog as anyone who reads my blog knows. My boyfriend, on the other hand, wants to bring it along only on certain excursions. For example, we have no photos at all from the retro dance Halloween party we went to last year because he was afraid the camera would get stolen while we were on the dance floor.

He seems to be relaxing a little bit on the issue but I still think it is time for me to buy my own digital camera. And use t to take about 3000 pictures of whatever. And maybe even buy one or two of those digital picture frames to put my favourite pet pics in; like the pic of my Stella sniffing the flowers.

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