Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Online Poker Games, More Fun for Beginners?

With the new diet finally starting to seem manageable, I am thinking I have a few minutes to concentrate on something else. Has anyone reading this ever participated in online gambling? I know I have mentioned tryinf it out before but I just haven't had the time yet.

About two or three times per year, I find myself in a casino. In fact The last one I was at, the casino in Windsor, I won like $60!!! Woohoo!!!! That is a big amount for me because I seem to be the type a person who, given the opportunity, will lose anything but weight (and yet I am still plugging away at the diet). Still, I like the atmosphere of casinos and I like to play slots and roulette but the card tables are too imposing for me. I like poker and blackjack but I am too nervous to sit down among all these players that obviously know the game so much better than me. I bet that a lot of people turn to online casinos for that reason. There is something fun about keeping a certain level of anonymity, I suppose. I think I would be more likely to try online poker than to sit down with a bunch of hotshots in an actual casino.

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