Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Best Reason I Can Think Of Not To Look after Someone's Pet For Them

So the worst thing ever is happening right now. My mom and little brother are on vacation and I have been stopping by every other day to feed their cats and water their plants. I noticed a few days ago that one of her cats was even grumpier than his usual self but I chalked it up to him missing my mom and Joe. Well, yesterday I went over to the house to feed them and he was sick sick sick. He was drooling and his eyes were glazed over. He was lying in the bath tub and he was soaked from the dripping faucet. The cat was totally out of it.

I rushed him to my vet and they put him on an I.V. He has kidney damage but they won't know until tomorrow what the extent of the damage is. He actually might not pull through!

My mom and brother have come home early from their vacation and my brother is pretty upset that he can't see him. Honestly, though, the cat looked so bad yesterday, it would not be a good idea for my brother to see his beloved furry companion like that.

I am really hoping the poor kitty pulls through. My brother will be crushed if he doesn't. Plus my track record isn't looking too good in his eyes. The last time they went on holiday one of his fish died.

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