Thursday, July 5, 2007

Since we're here anyway, why not save the earth?

Surfing the web while I am supposed to be working, I just came across a website called About My Planet. The site is filled with information, news, tips, discussions and opinions about envioronmental issues that are all completely inspiring.

I have been putting much effort into being greener in the last few years. I have stopped buying any pop or beer cans that come packaged in those plastic rings. I (almost always) use cloth bags at the grocery store. My boyfriend and I carpool, we get and pay the bills online, I switched to environmentally friendly household cleaners, I do my laundry with cold water only, and the list goes on.

After reading a few pages of this site, though, I am reminded about how much more I can and should be doing. So today I am making some resolutions (it is not New Year's so these ones will definitely stick).

1. I am going to stop being so paper towel dependent.
2. I am going to stop buying and drinking bottled water on a daily basis.
3. I am going to cut down and eventually (hopefully) cut out my use of plastic wrap.

So these are my new self-improvement projects. What are yours?

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