Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Local Advertising for Local Customers. Duh.

I have decided to give my Google adwords campaigns a break because I am not getting the conversions rates that I hoped to get. Instead I am going to put my (very limited amount of) marketing dollars somewhere else. Most of my business and especially my repeat customers are local so I am thinking that I am going start with magnetic signs for my car. To be honest I am not sure why it has taken me this long to step up my local advertising game. I have wanted to try out Car Magnets for a while now and I have wanted to get a yard sign printed up so that I can take it with me to farmer’s markets. Maybe I can put another yard sign up at mother’s house as well.

BuildASign has a bunch of options for Car Magnets and other signs. I can easily choose a size and customize the look of my car Car Magnets right from there website so I am going to start my shopping there. Wish me luck and if you happen to see my Temple Treats sign on the side of a beat up Ford Escort GT, give a honk!

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