Monday, July 16, 2007

Withrow Park, a great place to take your dog

Stella had a great weekend! Mark and I took Stella to the Withrow Farmer's market (just off Danforth) on Saturday. She had so much fun. I was mostly selling my Temple Treats so she and Mark spent the morning playing with a tennis ball. Withrow Park is a great place to bring dogs. It is a big park and they have a fenced off play area, including water fountain, for children so I do not have to worry about Stella getting hurt running under the jungle gym. They even have a play area, including some sort of a doggie water fountain! How great is that? She had a ball. Plus she is such a cutie, she got a lot of love and attention from everyone in the park.

On Sunday, Mark and I went to Windsor because Mark wanted to go to a VW car show and gathering. We were not sure about bringing Stella so we left her with my mom and brother. They took her to the beach and the park then back to their place. Stella kept jumping up onto the balcony (there is a fairly large step to get up to it) and then back down into the house. At one point my mom shut the screen door. I guess Stella did not realize because she jumped right through the screen! She was not hurt but I owe my mom a screen repair.

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