Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Girls Night Out. Martinis and Manicures

Last night I met a friend at a relatively new place called One Up Restaurant & Lounge. This place is so great, especially on Mondays. In fact, it may just become my new Monday night thing. That is because One Up has MONDAY NIGHT MARTINI AND MANICURES! That's right, for just $20 a full manicure and a yummi martini. They have another Monday night special so, after your first martini, it is only like $6 for every other one you order.

There are so many delicious concoctions to choose from. So far I have tried the Lichee Lockup, Summer in the Hamptons, Creme Brulee, Espresso Express, and some crazy shot of an herb flavoured liquer, The shot was courtesy of the extra nice owner/operator. Just so you know, I did not have all of those martinis in one night, I went last Moday, too.

The food there is also very good. Lots of vegetarian items. Definitely worth checking out.

One Up Restaurant Lounge
130 Dundas St. W (between Bay and Dundas, closer to Bay)

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