Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stupid Pet Owners

My mom and brother came over last night for a dip in the pool. We decided to take Stella for a walk first and grab a coffee from the Starbucks on Harbourfront. While we were sitting there, an early twenty-something year old girl asked if she could pet Stella and told us she was planning to get a Boston Terrier herself. Here is how our conversation went:

Her: I am getting a Boston terrier soon, too.
Me: Congratulations, they are amazing dogs!
Her: Do they bark?
Me: No, not a lot.
Her: That's good, they don't allow dogs in my building.
Me: Well...they bark when someone comes to the door or when they hear something suspicious. You couldn't hide her.
Her: Oh. I had a pug but I had to get rid of it.
Me: And now you are getting a Boston?
Her: Yep. Well, thanks. Bye.

UNBELIEVABLE!!! Why would someone get a dog if they live in a place that doesn't allow dogs? First she ditched a poor, unsuspecting pug now she is going to end up doing the same to a Boston. errrr. So ANGRY.

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