Sunday, July 8, 2007

Making Money Online

There is a new company called Bloggerwave that is now looking for bloggers to write reviews on products, services, and websites.

I signed up for a Bloggerwave account on Friday and when I checked my status this morning, the account was active and my blog was approved. I am pretty excited about that because, as I mentioned in a previous post (or two) I am trying to save up all of my money that I make online to buy kick ass Christmas presents for everyone. My entire Christmas budget this year depends solely on my ability to make money online, mostly on my lunch hours at work and occasionally on weekends. As it turns out, a new condo and all the stuff that goes with it costs a lot of money. This is my solution to the problem of having not a lot of spending cash.

I have a couple of open opps from Bloggerwave so this company looks promising!


Bryan said...

You mean stuff costs money? ....... BASTARDS!!!

Nanette said...

I know! It's like a giant conspiracy started by my mothers worldwide in an effort to have us move back home and listen to the constant repetition of "I told you so" day in and day out!