Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Okay. Maybe My Job Isn't Too Bad!

My annual review came up (I have been here a year and a half so it is just slightly overdue). of course I asked for both a raise and a title change. Pretty much they said they would get back to me. Ah well, there is no harm in trying, I guess.

Anyway, here is the headline I read on MSN today (when I arrived one hour early for work like a good employee whom fully deserves a raise, but for reasons made obvious in the following headline, I digress): Boss allegedly killed workers who wanted raises

What a crazy planet we are trying to save! This business owner actually turned himself in, confessed to shooting his only two employees becuase they both kept bugging him for a raise. Apparently the boss guy, suffering from financial woes, simply snapped.

I think I will let my whole raise request go for a little while!

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