Monday, July 30, 2007

Puppy Snorts Meds and Other Fun Happenings

I am so sad that I missed Russell Peters this weekend! Imagine him performing, free of charge, just an 8 miunte walk from my place and I missed it! While I did go to the unnofficial "The Simpsons Movie" release party at Moe's Tavern (Fox and the Fiddle in the Toronto club district), I did not have a chance to see the movie. But we all knew that was going to happen didn't we?

I took Stella to the vet on Friday night because she ate...well who knows what she ate... that made her sick and she has had diahhrea for the last week. The doctor gave her a needle and prescribed some meds. He also sold me on some canned food that she needed to eat for the whole weekend. The first night, Stella did not eat very much of it. Imagine that a dog that thinks cat litter and wadded up kleenexes are some sort of a delicacy did not deem the canned food edible! First thing she ever turned down.

The meds he prescribed is in capsule form. The first one I gave her, she was so excited to be getting something new shoved in her mouth, it was difficult to get it in the back of her throat. She coughed it back up and started chewing it. The capsule burst and yellow powder went every where! Excitedly, Stella started sniffing the mysterious substance which of course means that she snorted her meds! It did not even phaze her.

He also prescribed some apple pectin gunk to promote a heathy digestive tract and she goes nuts for the goop. This has to be the easiest dog in the world to give medication to!

Unfortunately Stella's uncomfortable week that includes the runs and three baths per day has not taught her anything. I took her to Centre Island on Sunday evening after my shift at the Toronto FC match and on the way there I pulled a lime wedge, a fast food wrapper, and some foreign substance that I do not even want to be able to identify out of her mouth. She pooped twice during the 10 minute walk. At the island, she pretty much just stuck to a sensible diet of dirt, bark, and grass. Sigh.

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