Thursday, July 12, 2007

My mom and brother's poor kitty did not make it. It is just so sad. The vet is going to run some tests to try to find out what the poison was.

Here were his symptoms:

Mouth Ulcers
Yellow drool
Loss of motor skills
Vacant expression
A lot of hissing.

My mom fed him one of the catfoods brands that had some recalls but immediately switched the food during the recalls. Her vet and the pet store guy told her it was fine though, so she recently switched back. She had not thrown the nearly full bag away so when she switched back, it was to the original bag.

Also, she just got a new air conditioner and it gathers water in a tray under it. Maybe there was some kind of chemical in that water and he drank some.

Another possibility is that he likes to eat plastic and my brother's toys.

Obviously, this is a tragic event for a 10 year old boy to go through. I just feel as bad for him as I do for his kitty. I hope we can pin point the substance to ensure the safety of the other cat in the house. A rescue that my mom brought home just a coule of months ago.

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