Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sad Developments at Home and Abroad

No news on my brother's cat yet. We should find out early today the extent of damage to his kidneys. My brother is pretty upset, obviously. My mom and I took Joe in to see the cat, Max, yesterday and Max was in pretty rough shape. The ulcers in his mouth are obviously causing a lot of pain.

And in other disturbing news, Osama Bin Laudin's 27 yr old son, Omar, just married a senior citizen from Britain. I think I speak for pretty much every one here when I say WTF???

What kind of crazy news is this? Despite Omar's difficulty in getting around via airplanes and pretty much any other travel method, the 51 year old grandmother, who happens to have Multiple Sclerosis, is hoping he will come to Britain...and leave his other wife and child at home, I am sure.


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